Why a Memorial is so Important for the Grieving Process

There are few things in this world that are as harrowing as losing a loved one and it’s never something that ever gets easier. Many will offer end-of-life services for loved ones, encouraging people to come together and celebrate the life that has passed. While some can get through this process, for others, it can be incredibly difficult.

Life for those who survive relatives that have passed has to continue and the activities that people are used and are part of everyday life may feel impossible, but ensuring that the loved one who has passed has been memorialised is a great step in coping. No two individuals will grieve the same way but having a memorial for a loved one is a huge step in the right direction for everyone.

Stages of Grief

Experts have said that there are five stages to grief and all adults will usually experience all or most of them during a tough stage in life when undergoing grief, they are:

● Denial

● Anger

● Bargaining

● Depression

● Acceptance

Each one has a place in dealing with grief and can be the key to coping with loss in a healthy way.

Memorials Bring Family Together

While it’s definitely a sad sate of affairs when dealing with loss, a positive thing about memorials is that that they will bring family together in this time of need. Emotions and feelings can be shared with loved ones, and as a group, you can all remember who has passed and what they meant to you on many special occasions.

They Focus on Life

Memorials are often seen as sad times, but they should also focus on the life that lays ahead and the joy that it will still bring in the future. Despite the fact that a loved one has gone, life carries on and they would want you to live life to the fullest.

Communal Gathering Spot

Families and friends will be able to gather at a memorial for the loved one who has passed. Memorials created by Reflections Funerals can serve as burial and cremation options in Penrith, allowing people to pay their respects and help them in the grieving process.

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