Cremation Coffins and Caskets

Reflections Funerals coffin selections represent a dignified closing to a life story well written.

Reflections Funerals supply a beautiful selection of coffins. Outstanding craftsmanship on our classic solid wooden coffins to the highest quality woven coffins in our eco range. Each coffin is made with care and available in many styles to cater to each individual. We also offer coffin wrapping which enables you can choose any design you would like.

Selecting a coffin is very personal and we offer a wide range for all budgets. One of our most popular coffins (pictured to the right) which is crafted in beautiful wicker. Complete with a raised lid which opens elegantly on a concealed hinge, this piece is an absolutely dignified closing to a life story well written.

Serendipity coffins banana round

Our Special Selection

Below are a special selection of our most popular coffins. For a full range please speak to John and Sue to provide a full brochure for all available coffins.